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What is the end of year show?

It is simply an opportunity for the KJ Studios dancers to get out on stage and show everybody what they've got and what they've been working on all year! It is so much fun and so exciting and the best way to round off the year! it is not compulsory but we can guarantee the kids will love to be a part of it!

Is it the same as Mid year show?

NO! The end of year show is a full theatre performance with costumes, props, extra rehearsals and it is always a joy to behold! KJ Studios prodes themselevs on their high quality and increidble standard of end of year shows!

Am I allowed to be backstage with my dancer?

In the past we have allowed anybody to be back stage, but last year we made a change in this syetm that works far better for all invovled! We have a team of knowledgable, capable and amazing mums/helpers that will be there specifically to look after your dancers. You will sign them in at the side door and then leave backstage, you are able to pick them up and sign them back up after they have finished but they will be looked after backstage by this team. If you wish to be backstage with your dancer, you must stay until the end of the show and assist with all dancers, you cannot be back there just with your dancer- as you can imagine it's just too many bodies- essp with COVID!

Are their costs associated with the show?

Yes! We require every family to pay a show fee to be a part of the show, this covers costumes, all extra rehearsals, sets, props, venue hire and all professional show photo AND professional videography of the show (Yes, that is all included!!) If a dancer does not pay show fees they cannot be a part of the show. The only other cost is for your show ticket to come along and watch! Show fees are non-refundable if you change your mind and will ONLY be refunded with a doctors note. All show fees MUST be paid by the 20th of September else your dancer will be removed form the show.

Do I need a ticket to see the show?

YES. If you do NOT have a ticket you cannot sit in the audience and watch the show, you cannot watch from side stage either, all dress and technical rehearsals are closed door rehearsals. Presale tickets just for KJ Studios Families (which are at a discounted price) will be on sale on the 29th September 9am and will finish on the 1st of October 9am. We will send out a password you can use to obtain presale tickets. We are ONLY doing FOUR SHOWS, so we suggest buying in the presale otherwise you may miss out. You know how crazy the mid year show was! LAST YEARS SHOWS DID SELL OUT. Tickets are going to be limited to 3x perfamily for the first pre sale to ensure everybody has an even and fair chance!

Are rehearslas compuylsory?

Ideally, we need everybody to be at every rehearsal. But we understand that sometimes this is not possible. If you have let us know well in advance we can work around it, last minute notice may see students removed, replaced or changed in a dance or sequence (due to health and safety around the stage and knowledge of the performance space, etc.). It is expected that senior dancers are at every rehearsal as they are in so many numbers however, we are more lenient with the little ones.

What if we don not want to do the show?

As costumes are all ordered to size and class numbers. We must know by the 20th Septmber if you do not wish to do the show. As per above, all show fees are due by this date also.

Am I allowed to film and take photos of the show?

NO. We do a professional photo day and then have the show filmed from 4 different angles and produced for us; these are available to purchase. Baycourt staff will not permit your filming of the show.

Do I have to make/Source a costume?

NO. We sort out all of the costumes for you! You Never Take a cosutme home and you do not own the costume. Every costume is numbered and assigned to a dancer and after each rehearsal and show the costumes are counted back in. If you fail to return your costume or ruin your costume- there is a $50.00 fee (per costume) The only thing you'll need to supply to undergarments, hair needs, make up and dance shoes.

What is photo day?

Photo day allows all dancers to get into costume and get professional group/class shots done for the programme and also for your keepsake (included in this years show fees!).

Yellow= Session 1 
Pink = Session 2
Blue= Session 3 
Purple= Session 4
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