Creative Kids

Starting children in dance class at a young age is wonderful, not only to build passion and ability in dance, but also to help with cognitive development, teach your little ones how to listen, focus, understand their bodies, have a chance to be creative and make new friends!

Our 'Creative Kids' programme is designed for children that are still too young to sit exams but love to get moving. It is a great base for your children to learn the foundation technique set for them to then branch off into our examination classes in the style of their choice. 

Here at KJ Studios we place great emphasis on young children having the ability to learn new skills, share moments with their friends and dance happily away in the safe hands of our experienced, trained teachers and welcoming studio environment.

Twinkle Tots

A beginner ballet class, which focuses on the initial ballet techniques. Turn out, Plies, Points, skips, hops, jumps and runs. 
Ages 3-5

Move and groove

Targeted at children who love to dance around the house to pop music! A fun class which covers basic jazz technique and fun routines to all of their favourite songs. 
Ages 4-5

Hip Hop Kids

Introductory Level Hip Hop classes for younger students. Simple beginner Hip Hop movements to age-appropriate music. Great for co-ordination and confidence. Lots of fun! 
Ages 5-10