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What Changes This Year?

Due to our friend COVID, there are a few changes to our End of Year show for 2021. Never fear, it's going to be just as AMAZING, MAMMOTH, CREATIVE, CUTTING EDGE, and INCREDIBLE as ever before but there are simply a few new rules we need to follow. It is imperative that you read all of the below info to ensure a successful and smooth-running event! 



Each Class/Dancer will have a specific drop-off zone and time. If your dancer fails to arrive and sign in by their allocated drop-off time this will mean that your dancer is unable to sign in until ALL other dancers have completed their own drop-off times so you will need to wait with your dancer outside/away from the theatre until the end of this process.  

All drop-off times and zones are available to view in our TYPE CAST online info, if you need us to send this through to you please let us know. 

STRICTLY NO parents will be able to come backstage at all unless they are a specific helper for that show. All show helpers are unable to leave the backstage area at all until the END of the show when everyone is permitted to leave. 

Act 2 dancers are not permitted to sign in/enter backstage until halftime.

We know this may be frustrating, but we MUST keep numbers down backstage. 


Each class/dancer will have a specific drop zone backstage, they will need to stay within this zone with their class and parent helper for the duration of the show. Unfortunately our usual backstage hype, princesses and performers are not able to join us this year, so we highly recommend that you equip your dancer with the following: 

- A dressing gown/zip-up hoodie to wear over their costume.

- Snacks (nothing that can spill/is messy) we recommend muesli bars (without nuts), fruit, etc. NO nuts at all backstage. 

 - Colouring in/quiet games

We will have the show on a big screen backstage that the dancers will be able to watch. 


All dancers/helpers/crew over 12 years MUST wear a mask at all times, dancers may take masks off to apply makeup and when they perform on stage, but otherwise all must be in masks. Any dancers under 12 are welcome to wear a mask if they chose. 

If you have a mask exemption please email it through to us.


Of course we are guttered that we cannot have a full and proud audience of Mums, Dads, Grandmas, neighbours, and everybody in between!

Due to COVID this year our show will go a little differently... 


Initially, we were performing THREE shows but have now upped this number to SIX shows because of audience numbers being so limited.

We are doing our absolute best to have as many of you see this show in person as possible which is where the added shows come in. 

When tickets come on sale (Date TBA - we will let you know well in advance) tickets will be limited to 1-2 per dancer/family, and please, PLEASE be kind when purchasing your tickets as seats are limited to under 200 per show! They must be brought in groups/bubbles and unfortunately, people WILL miss out, this is inevitable due to the nature of COVID and the limitations around indoor gatherings. 

Kindness and honesty are going to be key here, we want to make sure every dancer has at least one family member coming along to support them and see the show in person... 

Along with our six shows, the final TWO shows (one Yellow and one Blue) will be streamed LIVE online, meaning all of those extra family members, and even those that aren't in the country have the chance to view the show in real-time from home (YAY!).

The live streaming tickets will be much cheaper than in-person tickets and available to anybody and everybody! 

Do not fear! We will also be professionally filming the shows and making our keepsake DVD for dancers to watch back. 

So whilst our in-person theatre watching capacity has lessened, we are SO HYPED to be live streaming this event and know that it means even MORE people get to enjoy this magical show from home!

We will let you know about Ticket Sale dates as soon as we can but do note that tickets will go on sale a lot later than usual as we are wanting to allow time for venue capacity to potentially go up allowing us to put more tickets on sale for you all. 

No pre sale tickets will be available this year, ticket prices have changed for the original cost due to increased procedures and less seating etc.


Just like drop-offs, pick-ups will also be scheduled and it will not be a free for all pick-up situation. 

If you are not watching the show, you are able to come and collect your dancer after they have finished dancing.

We do ask that at the end of Act 1, ALL dancers who do not have any more dances in that show MUST be picked up.​


Live Stream tickets will come on sale at the same time as our theatre tickets, but no stress, these won't sell out (the beauty of live stream!).


We highly recommend buying this option as family members and friends near and far can enjoy the experience at the same time as the live show, you may even choose to see it in the theatre and then AGAIN via the live stream!  


Upon purchasing a 'ticket' to the live stream show you will receive a password. This password will give you access to a single device unless you bought the multi-device ticket (you can buy up to three devices). If you try to use a single device password on more than one device it will automatically sign you out and only allow one stream at a time. 

This is an epic gift to those who cannot make it or be there in person, to those overseas, in Auckland, or due to our limited theatre tickets available, to make it fair we ask you choose kindness and you can leave your husbands at home to crack a beer and enjoy from the comfort of their couch! What a win! 


There will be an amazing keepsake programme as per usual, these can be pre ordered and will be $5.00 (plus processing) you can buy these ahead of the show and they will be available to be picked up the week before.

You can bring these to the show with you as none will be available for purchase from Baycourt on the day. 

  • Where are you located?
    We are located close to Tauranga City Centre at 8/47 Waihi Rd. Behind Super Cheap Auto and TGA Box! Parking: Please do not park in front of KJ Studios, but in the car park of Life Zone Church and you can walk with your dancer to the studios just around the corner. ​DO NOT PARK, OR STAY outside of KJ Studios or in any of the Car Parks around those units, parking is ONLY in Church car parks, please. ​ DROP OFF: In front of Unit 8 is now DROP OFF ONLY. 5 Min Max, and we will be kindly asking anybody who stays over this time period to leave and go find a park in the church car parks. After 6pm Cars are welcome to park and wait outside the building. All of the above is for the 3pm-6pm times, please. We thank you for following the rules and allowing us to respect all surrounding businesses. Our Staff will be kindly reminding parents of these new parking procedures during the week/if we notice parents parked and waiting in drop-off zones etc. ​ You will find our RECEPTION building in Unit 12, this is clearly marked and our amazing Front of House Manager Remma will be able to assist you to find the right studio and welcome you in! Reception is open 3.30-5.30pm Mon-Thursday!
  • The Class I want is full?
    Most of our classes do fill out! So we 100% recommend jumping onto a waitlist so you’ll be the first to know if a spot opens up for you, we work hard to make sure all dancers can get into class and if a class IS full and has a wait list, we will aim to add another class to get everybody in where possible!
  • What is the end of Year show?
    The end of year show, simply put is the BEST time of the whole year! The show is not compulsory but we promise you won’t want to miss this! In 2023 Our END of year show is 28th Nov-3rd Dec!
  • Does my Child have to do exams?
    No! Exams are not compulsory but many classes do work toward their yearly exams. Many classes have already been working hard over Term 1 training for the EXAMS (held, formally in Aug or Sept of each year) exams are not compulsory but a great encouragement for your dancer to put all of that hard work into something special. Exams cost extra above class payment as the examiner is flown in from Australia to watch the dancers and they are marked against the formal grading of the ATOD syllabus, meaning dancers who sit their exams get a formal and recognised certificate of completion. If your dancer does intend on sitting their exams there's a few important dates to know! ✨ Exam only week 26th-30th June. ✨ ATOD exam rehearsal weekends 5th-6th August & 12th-13th August ✨ Exams are usually held in August- More information will be provided as soon as the affiliations let us know. We are aiming for the 23rd-27th of August 2023. ATOD is a world wide organization that has a very high reputation for not only it’s systems of training, but also the way in which it's dance examinations are held throughout the world. Examinations with ATOD have a wonderful reputation for being an all inclusive and rewarding experience for students. Examinations are conducted in a group format and all Examiners are highly trained, professional people. Research has shown that children who participate in examinations each year gain confidence and learn important life skills. Participating in exams also provides our children with resilience, the ability to set and achieve personal goals and the knowledge of arts and it’s discipline. It allows for students to receive constructive comments and advice on how to continually improve. Students enter the exam room with their teacher in small groups. In the younger grades (Pre 1 Jazz, Pre 2 Jazz, Pre primary Ballet, Primary Ballet) the teacher is able to assist the students in the exam room. The exercises are seen in a combination of line at a time down to two at a time and are done in a relaxed yet professional way. Each students receives a comprehensive report and a medal. Children find this such a fun way of progressing through the grades and a very special keep sake for all of their hard work. ATOD also offer a 'Participation' entry meaning dancers who are not quite up to the standard of being graded can still sit their exams with the rest of their class, still receive feedback and a certificate but will not be graded within their exam.
  • How can I pay Fees?
    You can pay fees via online banking with the details sent out in your term statement, or you can sign in to your Portal and make changes/pay for fees there! We accept payment though Stripe (Debit/Credit cards) and Paypal- Easy!
  • What are your Office hours?
    Our Office/reception is open Mon-Thurs 3.30-5.30pm during each term and the amazing Remma will be there to help you with uniform and any questions!
  • How do I get into Troupes?
    We hold Auditions at the start of each year for our various troupe and Crews! Being a part of KJ Studios Troupes and Crews is the BEST growth and opportunities for our dancers! Our 2023 Troupes are already locked and loaded but keep an eye on our 2024 troupe audition dates!
  • Do I need to re-enroll between terms?
    Nope! Once you have enrolled a the start of the year your term enrollments automatically roll over between terms! We will be sad to see you go! Until you notify our team in writing (via email) we will assume you will be returning for the new Term and therefore you will be charged for Term fees. So please inform us if you do not wish to come back.
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