2021 Examination Information! 

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my dancer is in an exam class?

The below classes are exam classes for 2021! - Prep Contemporary - Intro Contemporary - Level 3 Contmeporary - Level 4 Contmeporary - Pre level 1 Jazz - Pre Level 2 Jazz - Grade 2 Jazz - Grade 3 Jazz - Grade 4 Jazz - Grade 5 Jazz - Pre Primary Ballet - Primary Ballet - Grade 2 Ballet - Grade 4 Ballet - Grade 5 Ballet - Level 1 Tap - Level 2 Tap - Level 4 Tap - Level 6 Tap

Does my Dancer have to sit exams?

No! Examinations are not compulsory at KJ Studios. If you do NOT wish to sit your exam you simply need to let the admin team know in writing ASAP, without this notification we will assuming your dancer will be sitting the exam.

How do the exams work?

The dancers turn up at the studio (KJ Studios) at the allocated time generally exams are during school hours so time off school is unavoidable. They will be all wearing the same and correct unfirom (This is compulsory, shoes included) their hair will be all done the same etc and they will have a number pinned on to their uniform. They will go into the exam with the class (NEVER ALONE) and show the work they have been learning in class during the year. There will be no teacher in the class with them and they will have had Mock examinations to understand how this process works. The dancers will be assessed on their perofrmance, technqiue and ability to remember the syllabus and will receive a certidficate at end of year prizegiving with their results. The exmainer is NOT somone from KJ, as we are afilliated with ATOD our examiner is assigned to us from Australia.

How do I know if my dancer is ready?

The tecaher will assess your dancer during classes and mock exams and let you know if they are ready to sit. Your dancer can enter their exam as 'Participant' if they would like to still show their work but are not ready or at the standard to be assessed.

Can my dancer move up a grade without sitting exams?

Yes they sure can, however once they get to older grades (Grade 4 and over) this woll hinder their abilioty to progress in coming years. The exams are not scary, they examiner is always lovely and kind and it's always a positive expereince!

Can we just arrive on the day and join in Exams?

NO. This process invovles about 4 days of paperwork and submissions from our Admin team. We must know by the 5th July at the latest if your dancer is wanting to sit exams or not (Including as a participant of full graded exam entrant)

Why should we do exams?

The Australian Teachers of Dancing (A.T.O.D.) is a highly reputed dance organization with members worldwide. We are leaders in the field of dance education and provide an exciting, vibrant, professional and educational environment for dance studios.

Examinations with A.T.O.D. have a wonderful reputation for being an exciting and rewarding experience for students. Examinations are conducted in a group situation and the Examiner is professional, encouraging and friendly.

We find that children who participate in examinations each year gain confidence and learn important life skills such as learning to concentrate in an examination environment which assists with their school examinations and other similar situations. Participating in examinations also gives them a goal to work towards and an opportunity to receive an independent assessment of how they are progressing technically. Ultimately, the higher levels can lead to examinations for Teaching Diplomas.

Do exams Cost?

Yes, to enter examinations costs between $55-$200 per exam (Depending on Level, Grade etc etc) this info will be emailed out in the coming weeks!

When are Exams?

ATOD and NZAMD Examinations will be in August. Dates are still TBA.

Last week of term 1 Schedule 5th-9th July.

Subject to change so we will be sure to email you! Please note normal class times have shifted and all classes have TWO classes per week, a usual practice class, and a Mock exam class. Note the below times are NOT dancer's real exams, but MOCK examinations as a practice run! Real exams are in August!



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