Join the fox Pack for 2022!

Here at KJ Studios, we like to make everything as easy and uncomplicated as possible, and if you need a hand! Flick an email through to and we will be right here to help! 

We cannot WAIT to have you join the tribe and dance with us!

In between Terms our Enrolements automatically roll over. However, in between the new year we need ALL of our dancers to re-enroll. 

Current KJ Studios Dancers get First Dibs, the enrollment date for current dancers is the 9th December 2022 and all families can enroll in person and online. If you enroll for the incorrect class online and the clas you should be in fulls up, you will be put on a waitlist.  

Then, our enrolments open to the public/dancers that not currently with KJ on the 13th of December, and once again, everybody can enroll in person or online! 

We HIGHLY reccommend going on a waitlist if the class you want is full, as we do our best to get everybody dancing and wil add classes/give waitlisted dancers first dibs when a space opens up! 

How does the Enrollment Process work? 

Go and check out this page to learn more about our styles and find out which one will suit best! Our OPEN WEEK runs from the 6th-10th of December (info below) and is open to ALL dancers, so will be a perfect time to come along and trial classes/meet the teachers and have a good time! 

We do ask that you enroll your dancer within their age group, if we find they are dancing at a higher level, we will assess them and move them up acocrdingly, we like to push and extend our dancers whilst also ensureing safe and coreect technique, so our amazing team of creators will ensure your dancer is in the right class for them! 

Which Classes are right for my Dancer?

Yes of course! Our Troupes Audition day is on the 14th of Jan 2022, you can sign up for that by clicking here these auditions are open to ALL dancers, so we would love to see you there!

Potentional Solos or priavte tuition dancers will be assess in classroom settings and we are having a 'Future Foxes' meeting on the 11th of Jan, so please let us know if your dancer is keen to start solo competitions and we will give you more info! 

Can we do Troupes or Solos?

40% of fees need to be paid prior to the 5th of Jan 2022 to secure your place in class, if 40% of your fees are not paid by this time, you'll forfit your place in that class and it will be given to a dancer on the wiatist. 

If you pay your fees in full prior to the 4th of Feb 2022 you'll recieve a 10% discount off our total term fees (Ideal!) 

Our waitlists generally have 10+ dancers on them, so we do require you to confrim your place within the class to be fair on all of thoise trying to get in! 

How to Secure your Spot!

Due to the new systems in place, at this stage, all DANCERS 12 years and over must be vaccinated. No Parents will be able to watch from inside the studios, however, we will roll the garage doors open to allow parents to watch from OUTSIDE the studios. The shop will be open from 3.30-5.30pm Contactless payment is available for uniforms and you are welcome in (one at a time) to ask any questions you may have. As usual, KJ Studios will maintain our extremely HIGH level of cleanliness.



Moving forward into 2022 KJ Studios will take the Christmas break to re-set and the team will discuss our plans long term. Our goal as KJ Studios is to provide high-quality dance training for ALL in a safe and welcoming environment, and we understand that many of you have different stances on the current situation, and we ABSOLUTELY respect everybody's rights to choose to be exactly who they chose to be.


We are going to do all we can to maintain the KJ Studios Value whilst also balancing the communities health and safety. By their own choice, our Teachers are all Vaccinated.


We know this next little while will be tricky, but we can't wait to see you in the studios and to be dancing and doing what we all love!

What about the new protocols in NZ?