KJ Leggings- 'Contemporary Tuck'

KJ Leggings- 'Contemporary Tuck'


Designed with dancers in mind our Leggings are high waisted (for those nice lines and so you don’t have to haul your pants up before every grande jete) they are SUPER soft and stretchy, made from spandex (they feel like heaven against your skin) AND they are ‘Plié proof’, you won’t get any awkward see through situations with these guys!

Machine washable (because who actually hand washes anything?!) just make sure you don’t tumble dry them and they will be yours to love for a very long time!

“Contemporary Tuck’ Features the infamous KJ ‘Fox’ Logo on one Leg side and ‘KJ Studios’ across the top of the back waistband- ready for when you tuck your shirts up in those Contemporary Classes…

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