Frequently asked questions

Do I need to re-enroll?

If you are currently enrolled with us and are attending classes you do NOT need to re-enroll with us. The classes you are currently in and the waitlists you are already on will roll over into each new term! HOW HANDY!

I don't know what classes my child is currently in?

Please do NOT email us to find out which classes your child is in. Download our App though the Google Play or Apple App store. Sign in to the parent portal (you can also do this online without App if you choose) and you will see all classes and info there. If you wish to make changes THEN you should email us and let us know!

What if I do not want to return?

We will be sad to see you go! Until you notify our team in writing (via email) we will assume you will be returning for Term 2 and therefore you will be charged for Term 2 fees. So please inform us if you do not wish to come back.

Will I still be on the same waitlists I am on now?

Yes, your dancer and their position in queue for the class will transfer over to the new terms.

How long does earlybird last?

We give 10% off your fees to any family that pays fees in FULL prior to the start of the term, so in this instance, stataments will be sent out on the 1st April and earlybird will last until Friday 30th April at 10am. Anything paid after this point will NOT be able to make the most of 10% off, no exceptions.

What is classes cap?

Classes Cap is a Cap in which if you reach a certain dollar amount of classes anything after this point is FREE. Any dancers that make the most of this Cap are unable to have any %% off their fees. Under 12: $450 Over 12: $550 Please note, these Caps will be going up in Term 3 and 4 of 2021.

Can I get a refund?

If you change your mind of coming to dance or classes you may be able to use fees paid for another class, or we can credit your account for a later term but we do not ioffer refunds for change of mind. Refunds are only given if KJ Studios removes a class that you were enrolled in and paid for or with a doctors certificate.

I haven't paid for Term 1 yet?

Your dancer will be unable to enroll in Term 2 and their place will be remoived unless all fees are paid up for current term.

Do classes change each term?

No! The timetable stays the same term to term, if you are in a class thay DOES have any changes, you will be notified persaonlly about these. Else it should run the same!

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