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We are your Space to Create

Offering classes in Dance and Performing Arts from beginners to pre-professionals, Twinkle Tots to advanced, Ballet, Musical Theatre, to Contemporary, and everything in between. 

We foster a supportive,  family environment with strong values. We want our students to grow as individuals and find a genuine platform for creativity and expression in a place that is welcoming, safe, and totally free of judgment. Our purpose-built studios are home to many incredibly talented creative artists, teachers, and choreographers here, to support our students. 

We work with each of our students based on their needs, offering more advanced and in-depth training for those who are working toward full-time courses, competitions, or greater achievements within the arts. But we also understand everybody is different, and we embrace that, ensuring each individual within our studio walls feels valued- regardless of their progression or training needs. we have something for everybody in order to allow our students to be as creative, open, free, and as incredible as they can be. Come and see the KJ Studios difference, join the Fox Pack.

We take pride in our culture. We support those dancers wishing to sit formal and recognised exams across all genres as well as providing open and recreational classes for those that just want to dance for the love of it.


We seek out current, creative and caring professionals that love their work. We offer development and growth opportunities for all of our creators and allow them to take risks and have autonomy over their work and expression.


We provide mentorship and opportunities for students to grow as teachers and choreographers. We run major events for dancers, families and parents alike and work to allow all of our dancers a chance to shine either on stage or in the studios.

We’re not perfect. We’re always open and welcoming feedback and believe the studio is a place of constant evolution and growth.

We are more than what we post on social media. We run deep, we have fun, we are proud to work hard, dream big and have the opportunity to mould and shape the future generation of creators and risk takers.


We are KJ Studios, we do what we do because we love it, and we’re here to share that love with all of you. So, see you in the studios.

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