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Welcome to the KJ Tribe!

We are so excited to get dancing with you!

Welcome! We're sure you are ready and excited to get moving and dancing! And we are here to help and ensure you come into your first classes feeling prepped and ready to go! 

You'll find everything you need on this website in regards to uniforms, classes, schedules, and more!

Please note we do not allow parents to sit in class and watch as we want to ensure the studio space is a welcoming and safe space for all dancers and inducive of a focused learning environment, and we know it can be scary leaving your babies but they are in such safe hands and we find that with no onlookers dancers have the chance to truly thrive!


For new dancers or trials if your dancer is under 5 we ask that once your child is settled in the studios and with the teacher, you leave the studio space and you'll be able to come along and watch for our termly watch weeks! Any issues or questions please sing out! 

What to Bring?

1. Water Bottle.

2. Plain black Active wear (until you have the chance to buy your uniform in store!) 

3. A positive attitude and be ready to learn!


Uniform is compulsory at KJ Studios. You can find all Uniform info by clicking below! 

How to find us?!

We are located behind super cheap Auto and TGA box on Waihi Rd, we can be a little tricky to find, so be sure to check out our Maps! 

I still have questions?!

No stress! We have a page of FAQ's that is a great help, jump over there and if you're still unsure flick us an email and we can help! 

Where do we go when we arrive?

Parking: Please do not park in front of KJ Studios, but in the car park of Life Zone Church and you can walk with your dancer to the studios just around the corner. 


DO NOT PARK, OR STAY outside of KJ Studios or in any of the Car Parks around those units, parking is ONLY in Chruch car parks, please. 


In front of Unit 8 is now DROP OFF ONLY. 5 Min Max, and we will be kindly asking anybody who stays over this time period to leave and go find a park in the church car parks.


After 6pm Cars are welcome to park and wait outside the building. All of the above is for the 3pm-6pm times, please. We thank you for following the rules and allowing us to respect all surrounding businesses. Our Staff will be kindly reminding parents of these new parking procedures during the week/if we notice parents parked and waiting in drop-off zones etc.

You will find our RECEPTION building in Unit 12, this is clearly marked and our amazing Front of House Manager Remma will be able to assist you to find the right studio and welcome you in! Reception is open 3.30-5.30pm Mon-Thursday!

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