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Contemporary dance helps a dancer to explore the body’s full range of physicality, freedom of movement, and expression.

It focuses on versatility and improvisation, and unlike the structure of classical ballet, dancers are encouraged to move with complete freedom and fluidity, shedding uniformity and pushing movement boundaries.

There is a focus on the use of breath, spatial awareness, use of gravity, suspension, and release. It is important to have both strength and fluidity through the body’s core.

Contemporary is dance in its most expressive form–as they progress, dancers are encouraged to discover their personal style and a way of movement that is unique to themselves.

Despite the focus on freedom of movement, contemporary dance utilizes the technique base of the classical ballet dancer, combined with a unique contemporary technique. A well-rounded training in both means that the contemporary dancer is capable of safe execution of what can sometimes be very advanced and intricate movement.

With open classes at both a Junior and Senior level, students not only have unrestricted access to the contemporary dance discipline, but also the freedom to discover their own connection with contemporary dance. 

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