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Tap combines rhythm, coordination, musicality, and loud noises into one, amazing dance form.

Whilst many think Tap is 'dead' or 'old', American street style tap is coming back in a big way, and taking the world by storm. To be able to Tap, and to learn how music is put together, and about the beats and sections within a piece of music, advances dancers throughout all other dance forms—it is far more than just wriggling your feet!

Here at KJ Studios, we aim to make dance forms available to all ages and groups, not having a limit on your 'dance life' is something we truly believe in; our open and recreational tap classes are big both in size, ability, the noise created and laughs had! KJ Studios Tap Classes focus on teaching more than just syllabus or dance work but the techniques behind Tap and the intricacies behind the style and the movements.

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